Valentine Day: Top 3 Gifts for Her in 2011

This valentine's day go beyond the flowers, the poems and the crummy jewelry because this time around you are going to wow her with gifts she never could have imagined you of all people would be thoughtful enough to get! Here are the absolute top 3 gifts for her on Valentines Day, 2011.

#1: The Kindle

You may not know this, but most women love to read, especially when they can do it with a cute little electronic book. My girlfriend absolutely loves it and she particularly likes the fact that I was thoughtful enough to get her a pink case to go along with the kindle. If you browse the amazon links I've left you then you will also notice that this kindle comes with wireless 3G which is why it costs about $30 more than the standard kindle. Trust me, if you don't get this your girlfriend will be wondering what is wrong with you. Do you think she really wants to plug the damn thing in when she could be wireless-ly enjoying her kindle?

#2 Jewelry

I promised you that the old fashioned ways of pre-2011 for charming ladies are than in old times. However, the idea of giving your lady a rock still works even if it is old fashioned, you just have to make sure that your old fashioned gesture is backed up by new fashioned jewelry! Impress your lady with your sense in style by getting some of these particular pieces for her which are affordable yet show her you care.

For more Jewelry ideas, try the following links:

#3 Engraved Gifts

Last year I bought my girlfriend an engraved heart with flowers and other plant life etched around the center. Even though this gift wasn't all that expensive or shiny she still really loved it!

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