Kindle Valentines Day Gift?

Many people have been asking me lately whether the kindle is worth buying for their girlfriend (particularly after my post on it being 1 of the 3 best gifts for valentines day). I could not emphasise anymore than I already have that the Kindle is hands down the best gift you can get a girl. I personally bought one for my girl and I swear she spends more time on it than on facebook! I know hard to believe right? So why does the kindle hold sway over so many women?

It's easy to use.

It's compact and easy to transport.

It has easy to apply attachments like a lightbulb for night reading.

It comes in all kinds of customizable colors and you can even add covers (I recommend the burgundy one).

Wifi enabled kindles allow for reading anywhere and in any position. Since kindles are so light, it's easy for your girl to flop into bed, on a sofa or even on the floor and read away, unlike with a laptop.

So if you want to get the gift that will really wow her for valentines day, showing off your thoughtfullness and romantic taste, get the kindle!

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